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Chip to search for search at home page comment Some parts are in French. General PDF search engine. Give exact part name! Chip Catalog by Phil Wise ePanorama, by Tomi H. Engdahl You have to register/login first. You have to register/login first. includes former ECG. Use wildcards! You may have to register/login first. Search inside of PDF documents at chip manufacturers! New!

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URL name comment CPU Collector Mainly old CPU's but very nice! ET-Info In German

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local How to get more data about a chip, once you found it here?
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local Pinouts of connectors Pinouts of SIMM's Pinouts of more connectors chart to compare pinouts of 27-series EPROM's

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local ABC of electronics issues
local Register set overviews of processors and peripherals
local Tips for chip spotting How to read chip numbers?
local TTL types LS, HCT etc.
local Transistors How to find information?
local UART How to choose a UART?
local Embedded networks More information about embedded networks


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local IBM PC specific information for hardware/software developers
local Instruction sets
local Simulation of a processor
local Division tricks for small processors

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local ABC of embedding tools manufacturers
local ABC of terms
local Books about chips/electronics/programming
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local miscellaneous electronic stuff
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local Brokers help companies find obsolete and otherwise scarce chips of any brand.
local Distributors sell new components in bulk but only from selected manufacturers
local Retailers sell parts in small quantities over the counter. [Under construction]

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Other chip search sites Bought it's content probably from the Russian site and is therefore very good! Registration is needed in advance. Registration is needed before you can download datasheets. Chips can sometimes be ordered via their distributor partners. Schematics of arcade chips and systems

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